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About Us


You hear many stories of entrepreneurs coming up with their million-dollar start-up idea over a couple beers with friends (not us!) or those feel good stories of best friends who started a company together. Not us either.

NBF rather started with a real world problem - to stay Sane, while dealing with ever increasing number of bills, payments and tax record keeping. Top this up with fear of consistently getting overcharged on bills! And if you are a business owner, you not only get billed but also need to send bills to your customers.

Honestly, at start we were least excited about bills… just like you. But on talking with many others affected with same concerns, we felt a strong need to solve bills problem. And NBF was born!

NBF is your bills repository that sets you Free. It simplifies the way you receive, review, pay, file and archive every bill of yours. We go an extra mile and help analyse your billed charges and service usage patterns. Result: you will effortlessly identify spend drains and save cash with Better Deals.

For SME businesses affected with bills non-delivery or non-payment problems, NBF is their 'New Best Friend'. We will manage the entire bill generation/ delivery process through to completion. Starting with connecting billers with customers we open 2-way communication channels for building trust & quick dispute resolutions. Concluding with cash flow planning, integrated NBF bank channels for bill payment collection until cash is deposited in your account.

With over 310 satisfied members, NBF bill management system is helping its users lead little less stressed lives. Don't you think it is time for you to join this new wave?


Chetan Khemlani (Chad)


Running his own small business Chetan was inundated with bills in his everyday mail and this impelled him to look for a way to outsource bills management - receiving, presentation and storage. However his search returned unsatisfactory results. Thus began his journey towards launching NBF.

An Australian company No Bills Forever was founded by Chetan Khemlani in 2010. From his keen desire to break free from vicious cycle of physical bill handling, overcharging billers, missed payment dates and other associated 'bill concerns' was born the concept of NBF.

Although NBF was initially conceptualized and developed for busy individuals & SMEs who are searching for an ‘all in one’ solution for bills & receipts, in its current form NBF is equally useful for householders AND billers too! With NBF we aim to help you in the following areas:

1) Ease in Sending & Receiving Bills 2) Eliminate Filing Bills 3) Accounting 4) Making & Receiving Bill Payment Easy 5) Saving on Bills.

Chetan has prior experience in Army, global logistics and franchise business operations. He has also worked in setting up new businesses from scratch across industries. NBF is Chetan’s debut entrepreneurial venture.

He lives and works in Sydney, Australia.

Chetan joined hands with his long-time friend Phani (Technical head) working towards development of No Bills Forever. In Nov 2012, NBF was launched in beta after two years of research and development.


Phani B. Reddy

VP Product Engineering
Phani (VP Product Engineering) is a software engineer with 12 yrs experience in start-ups and enterprise solution development. He specialises in server architecture and enterprise data modelling and brings his expertise to the technical components of NBF.

Phani’s is a Sun certified JAVA programmer and his IT expertise includes HL7, J2EE architecture, Android SAP R/3 and many more. His work experience has included developing custom software solutions for clients.

In addition to corporate experience, Phani has taken on mentoring roles and has coached students in various technologies.

Phani lives and works in Newark, USA.


Shani Shoham

Seasoned entrepreneur and investor Shani Shoham is associated with NBF in an advisory capacity. This Stanford, Wharton and Technion alumnus wears multiple hats and is a keen business strategist.

Founder of four ventures and two multi-million dollar business units, Shani has negotiated and managed close to 100 alliances, and has turned around large scale enterprises.

Shani’s experience and expertise ensures that NBF offers the perfect bridge between technology and customer needs.

Shani lives and works in San Francisco, USA.


Are you ready to go paperless with bills? NBF is here to help you.

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