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Taking the stress out of BAS

Whether you like it or hate it, you cannot ignore BAS. The Business Activity Statement is an integral part of running an Aussie small business. No more tense anticipation as the BAS submission draws near. NBF offers comprehensive BAS help by maintaining organized accounting records.  Avail pro-active reporting for BAS with NBF. Simply export data into the accounting software and generate quarterly BAS reports.

Assured - Tax compliant document handling

ATO regulations require tax-related financial documents to be preserved for 5 years. Physically filing the documents is space consuming and cumbersome, and it is difficult to retrieve documents easily. NBF’s bill management software retains all bill copies and records easily and enables you to retrieve them effortlessly when needed. Observe increased productivity as your staff does not spend time ‘searching’ for records.

Multi-format data downloads

You can download data from the NBF system in the CSV format. QuickBooks (iif) file format is also available for data downloads. Enjoy the flexibility to choose the data format that is most suitable to your needs, depending on how you wish to use this data.

We are also working on incorporating more data download formats into the system for your added convenience.

Accounting exports – save time and improve productivity

NBF enables one click export of data into your accounting software, such as QuickBooks. No more laborious manual entries that are time consuming and prone to errors. Save time that you can invest in more productive activities.

Integration with more accounting formats will also happen soon.

BAS help – Get quarterly and annual reports

With NBF, you are continuously uploading your bills and receipts into the system using your secure web login or the free bill management app Expense Genie. NBF compiles all this data and sends you quarterly reports with bill images which are extremely helpful in preparing your BAS.

This service is available at an extra charge. However you can always access your data in the system and download smaller specific reports for free.



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