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 Beware of ‘sweet’ deals

For every service, there are thousands of deals out there, each claiming to be the best. Don’t be overwhelmed. Choosing the right deal is crucial so that you don’t receive over-inflated bills. NBF is here to assist you with all the information you need to make the right choice. In fact we also recommend the right deals for you … because you are special.

Each deal is unique

Service companies have tailor made deals for each user group. The problem most often is that you don’t know which group you belong to. Service companies won’t often enlighten you. And if you choose the wrong deal, you end up with huge, unnecessary bill payments.

NBF analyzes your usage patterns, identifies the group you are in and recommends just the right deal for you, enabling you to save on bills.

Perfect fit-for-you deals

NBF maps the usage patterns for your past 3 months bills, such as data charges on landline, mobile, local, international calls etc, (for phone bills). Analysis of mapped data reveals your usage pattern. Based on this we identify the perfect-fit-for-you deal.

Rest assured, we don’t analyze your personal data (such as number called), but only usage data to help you save money on bills.

The magic number is 10

The customized deals that NBF recommends to you will be those that offer minimum 10% saving on your current bill amount. We truly believe that anything less than 10% is not worth going through the effort of the change.

Please note our recommendations are based on your current and past usage patterns and may not hold if your usage changes drastically in the future. But our efforts are sincere ... always.

You are special

Our unique ‘Better Deals’ service is completely FREE and is value addition to you from us. NBF receives a small commission from the supplier, who you sign up with based on our recommendation. This is just our service fee and does not affect the supplier’s pricing to you in any way. We advocate complete transparency in this regard.

NBF genuinely wants to help you … because you are indeed special.


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