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♦ A bill's management in its lifecycle of - receiving, payment tracking, data entry, archiving - will on average costs your productive time:-
- 10 mins for paper bill.
- 7 mins for electronic bill.
- 4 mins for paper receipts.
♦ Businesses pay a small cost for archiving their expense documents over 5 yrs or sacrifice some office space.
♦ 10% of all bills are paid by way of checks posted.
♦ Better deals taken up by you, on average will save you 2.5% of all bill payment amounts.
♦ For realistic picture on savings - Your productive time is valued low at $33/ hour.
♦ We have Not taken into account the time you may continually invest in finding 1 well researched deal like ours from 100s available in market.
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What you will save annually:

$ 1944

Bills per month Av payment per bill
Percentage email bills Receipts per month
Recommended plan SMALL BUSINESS


  CONGRATULATIONS! You discovered savings of $ 162 /mth with NBF.

Why waste 29.5 hours of your productive time and overpay billers up to $ 972 per annum?
Make these your Smart Savings with NBF!

You can make an amazing 700 % ROI on your paid fees to NBF at mere $ 22.50 /mth.

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