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Bill filing and management on the go

Our smart bill management app,Expense Genie, is compatible with Android, iphone & iPad and helps you file, manage and gives you access to your bills on-the go.

No more taking time out especially for dealing with your bills. You can do it wherever you are. And the time you save, well, you can use it to read a book , watch a game or hang out with friends.

Only one-time bill filing

You setup your bills and receipts filing in the respective group & category just once. Then NBF system takes over repetitive filing task.

Our filing service will from now on automatically file your bills and receipts, as per your preset instructions. And did we mention you can edit and update your filing rules as often as you like. After all, the NoBillsForever filing system is all about maximizing your convenience.

Smarter decision making

The NBF filing system consolidates your bills and receipts expenses under one login. See at a glance your expenses under various groups & categories and make clever decisions and strategies to curtail and curb expenses as you see fit.

Our reports and accounting data import is consolidated - both bills & receipts. NBF makes it easy.

Your bills ...your categories

At NBF, we strongly believe that our bill management system and bill management app are only a medium to help you deal better with your expenses and their filing. So we make sure that we offer unlimited customizable expense categories, keeping as close to real life as possible. 

Multiple groups offered under a single membership account means you can manage ALL your -Personal, Business, Investment & Trust-bills at no additional cost. That is awesome ... isn't it?

Find your bills ... easily

As a premium member, you have the option to file bills and receipts under various groups and unlimited categories. You can further identify bills and receipts-biller-wise or reference number wise, much better than what you could do on your office shelf. And yes, updating one bill filing will update all related bills automatically.

Only with our unique filing bills and receipts services,we guarantee you will find your bills easily ... even after years.




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