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Make your money last longer

Often we spend money because we have no idea about money already spent. Because there is no measure, there is no control.

NBF helps you by presenting your spending habits over the past six months. With our free bill management app,Expense Genie, you can instantly access your spending history and take quick decisions to curb spending and make your money last longer.

Money-wise planning

Your plans work only if it is supported by the right information. NBF emails you a detailed report of your spending for the past six months by the first week of every month. So now you know, which items/categories have been ‘eating’ up your money? Utilize this information to budget your money in the current month and also for the future.

Expense reports to help and support

Using your NBF web login and password, you can generate a range of customized reports. Find out what your spending was for a particular time period, or the spending with regard to a specific biller and any other data that could help in identifying your spending patterns. Once you have identified these patterns, make smart changes in them to reduce spending and increase savings.

Analyse biller performance with comparative analysis tools

It is often helpful to compare the spending on different groups/billers to understand the nuances of your money movement. Doing this manually is quiet confusing and time consuming too. NBF’s reporting tools offer precisely such comparisons easily, side by side and at a glance. This is powerful information that can be used to make smarter money decisions. This tool alone can save thousands of dollars to business owners!

Usage analysis

At NBF, we believe in assisting you comprehensively and not just giving you tools to figure it out yourself. As an optional FREE feature, with your approval NBF analyzes the usage pattern of your bills and recommends the best customized deals that offer at least a 10% saving on your current bill amount. 


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