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Filing System on-the-move

File your bills and receipts on the go with the NBF free bill management app - Expense Genie.   Whenever you receive a bill or a receipt, just whip out your smart phone, snap a picture and enter details. NBF instantly updated bills listing both on your app and web log in.

Carry no more paper bills & receipts in your wallet. Relieve yourself from stress caused by misplaced bills and receipts. The future of filing system is at your finger tips with NBF.


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Bills Management Made Easy

As your business grows, number of bills increase, making it difficult to keep track. NBF bill management system enables you to manage all your bills & receipts efficiently at one place.

You can easily save, view, file and even pay bills and receipts from a single secure login. While our mobile app  Expense Genie offers you basic tools, the NBF web log in is very comprehensive and user friendly.



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Save on Bills with Premium Membership

Our basic bill management service is FREE forever for you. But think how much you can save with Better Deals on electricity and virtually all other bills by opting for NBF premium membership.

With premium membership, you get benefits like auto filing that saves time, payment guarantee to avoid payment defaults, and better deal research, which offers at least 10% saving on your current bill spend.


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Uploaded Bills are Easy Filed

Multiple bills and receipts can easily be emailed or scan uploaded in to your NBF account. Even Bills you upload using our free bill management app (Expense Genie) are available in your account instantly. 

With convenience, future bills & receipts with matching biller/ reference can be auto-filed by the system based upon settings from your first bill filing.

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Arguably Easiest Filing System

NBF filing system offers you wealth of information at a single glance. In bills tab listing you can view both your bills (B) & receipts (R). You can edit, comment, pay bills and even communicate direct with your billers.

Unique auto-filing feature ensures that you need to file any bill type only once. Easily find your bills, even years later, in your organized NBF filing cabinets. 


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Experience Complete Control Over Filing Management

NBF is your bill management assistant but you are the boss. The edit function on your bills tab lets you update any rules regarding filing, payment and private comments on your bills.

To make it easy, your settings are remembered and all future bills & receipts with matching biller and reference  are automatically filed. You may call this magic. We call it NBF.


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