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Payment Management Control Panel

NBF brings you an innovative payment management control panel that puts you in the driving seat. Flexibly manage your bills payments online and pay using up to 5 bank and credit card accounts.

Pre-set bills payment instructions for NBF and take a break. No need to set multiple direct debits with billers. Did you know this way, you effectively hand over control of your hard earned money to your billers?




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Customized Biller Payments

Our flexible  payment settings screen puts you in control. You can easily add or delete any biller account, while viewing all your bank /CC accounts on single payment platform.

Customise and control your biller payment, even for single biller issuing you multiple billing accounts. You can now designate different bank accounts for paying each bill differently. Edit these settings anytime.

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Pay Bills Online with One Click

Efficiently manage your bills online with the convenience of one-click bill payment.

You may give your bills and biller payment preferences during bills filing OR just click ‘pay by NBF’ in bills listing and NBF will do the rest. You can easily edit or cancel any bill payment within set time.


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Flexible Payment Management

NBF online bill pay offers an unparalleled flexibility in bill payments suited to your convenience. you can make part or full bill payments or even set approval amount limits.

NBF lets you designate two bank/ CC accounts for bill payments, ensuring that bill payment is not defaulted even when your first account is short funded.

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Interactive Planning Calendar

The calendar tab in the NBF payment management system shows all planned expenses day wise and month wise. The 3-month comprehensive view helps with budgeting.

The planning calendar is easy to use. Click on a payment in the calendar to view details, enter details into a future date, view list of schedules payments and so much more....all at your fingertips.

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Transparent Pay Per Use NBF Account

NBF bills are efficiently presented to you as part of the NBF payment system itself. Access your NBF bills via the ‘my account’ tab to view NBF account summary with individual transactions.

NBF issues invoices monthly. Easily download an NBF invoice for business or investment, by using the appropriate filters provided on the screen.


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