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Real Time Expense Summary

Use our free bill management app Expense Genie to view expense reports conveniently.  Expense listing and filters in Expense Genie are intuitive and help you create customised expense reports.

 All bills entered in Expense Genie are uploaded into NBF bill management software in real time so that you have access to updated data when planning your expenses.



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View, Pay or Delay to Plan Expenses

Use the calendar to enter scheduled payments in future. At any point, the calendar presents your planned expenses for 90 days. Control and analyse your expenses using onscreen tools.

Knowing which categories have been most expensive, helps curb those expenses. Access the categorised tabs on the right side for last 12 months payment history for the category.


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Expenses at a Glance

Click on the ‘List of Scheduled Payments’ on the Calendar tab to view all planned payments for a quarter. This information helps you budget well so that payment obligations are met.

 It is easy to edit or delete any of these payments from the screen. Any changes made are instantly updated on your account.

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Budget Planning Made Easy

Set up an activity cycle for recurring bills so that NBF sends you email alerts for bills one month prior to the bill due date. This gives you ample time to budget for the payment and remain debt free and thus stress free.

You have the flexibility to keep the time frame for the activity cycle as ‘forever’ or for a fixed term. On non-receipt of your expected bill on due date NBF send you an alert notification too.


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Expense Reporting Like Never Before!

NBFbill management software generates insightful, helpful reports from your data for smarter decision making. In the standard reports tab, there are several filters that help you create customised reports as per your needs.

Import data directly into accounting packages or download it in the flexible csv format for accounting purposes. Say hello to stress free accounting.


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Expense Data Crunching to Save on Bills

The Comparative analysis tab is a unique data crunching and comparison tool that can give you any permutation and combination of information. Information that is powerful enough to lead to major cost cutting organisational decisions.

Cross compare categories and billers, identify best performing billers across categories...the options are only by your imagination.


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