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Experience the Convenience of Mobile Accounting

Transform your small business accounting and budgeting experience from weary to WOW. With our free bill management app Expense Genie prepare your accounting records at home or on the go, with real time updates into your NBF document management system.

Expense Genie’s intuitive filters help you pull out specific bills and receipts for accounting, making the entire process extremely convenient


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Access Valuable Information on Your Accounts Payables...Quickly

The bills tab screen accessible via your web login lets you view bill history, edit bills and update filing rules. You can schedule bill payments using NBF one direct debit for greater convenience. Any changes made will be applied automatically on all related bills.

Multiple on-screen filters help you find information quickly – information you might waste hours searching for in bulky office files.


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User Friendly Expense Reporting

NBF presents insightful expense reports that help you make smarter spending decisions. The standard report format is the 12-month display, but you can use the multiple filters to download customised information in the accounting format of your choice.

Our high end analysis tool – comparative analysis- aids your management level decisions on cost cutting and saving on bills.


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BAS Help at Your Finger Tips

Small business accounting is incomplete without BAS. NBF’s quarterly report ordering service dispatches comprehensive expense summary in a suitable accounting format, extremely helpful in preparing your BAS.

Besides data, you get soft copies of all bills and receipts for local office storage and easy retrieval. NBF provides comprehensive annual reports for BAS help. All this, at fraction of a cost and with the mere click of a button!


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Monthly Expense Reporting

To identify areas for curbing expenses, reviewing spending patterns is crucial. NBF makes it easy by emailing you consolidated six-month expense reports. Alternatively, you can also download this report from the reports tab.

Review your spending patterns over the last six months and create a deliberate action plan to maximise bill savings by curtailing spending. This is a personalised lesson on effective money management.


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