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Your Information Security is Our Focus

NBF document management system offers 256 bit end-to-end data link encryption, equivalent to the security level offered by your bank.

Your credit card details are stored on reputed 3rd party PCIDSS compliant site – AusPost’s SecureFrames service. Secure data back up at two different locations eliminates chances of loss of data. Stringent secure processes like email/phone & financial account verification, captcha etc are in place at every step.


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Verification for Bill Payment Alerts, Important Communication

We take security and verification processes very seriously right from the point of your signup with NBF. A security verification code is sent to you, which you must use for first time login. Such verification ensures that you don’t miss out on any important communication from us.

Easily manage your communication via ‘notification choices’ (sms/email/none) from the settings tab in the login area.


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Secure Credit card and Bank Details

Your credit card details are stored on 3rd party PCIDSS compliant SecureFrame servers. NBF has no access to this data, we only work with token numbers. All your bank details are encrypted and we NEVER ever ask for any banking related passwords.

In our emails to you, we never send links asking for your NBF login details. Treat any such email as spam, do NOT disclose any information and inform NBF support for further investigation.


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Funding Account Verification

NBF gives you the flexibility to use 5 bank accounts for bill payment. Our stringent verification process establishes that you have bank account access and have authorised using your account as a funding source.

NBF sends a small amount (less than $1) to your bank account. When you retrieve exact amount in your bank statement, the verification process is complete. Now sit back and enjoy the ability of paying bills form multiple accounts from single platform of NBF.


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