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Your Business Finances Under Your Control

Paper invoices and manual processing makes your accounts payable & receivable operations a tough job and keep your cash-flow position in dark.

Now you can make it work - send/ receive paperless invoices, securely and knowing it well when a customer file or plans to pay you. Also with a click - view, pay or delay your own bill payments.A/c Payable white papers.

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Into Cockpit of Your Cash-flow

Accounts payable and receivables are two sides of your business's financial well being. Controlling both at same spot puts you so much into right control position.

In dashboard, you can easily update yourselves of important happenings. Get quick links to important tasks like sending your customer invoices or save and pay your own billers. Every thing is at your finger tips and under your control.

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Officeholder Roles with Functional Restrictions

All of your staff does not perform all type of payable/ receivable functions and that is why you need to be able to restrict their access to certain financial areas.

As business administrator you can add & invite as many officeholder into these roles of - administrator, clerk, bill payer and accountant. We have placed these profile roles in member's area for your ready use.

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Your Customers in Lime Light

There is nothing more fulfilling then knowing - How well your customers connect with you? Now you can easily send, receive and respond to your customer community, all within a secure and spam free environment.

With a click, view delivered/ paid/ due/ overdue bills list with capability to map cash-flow into future. Filter out customers those who pay / do not pay you in time.

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Customer Connections

Connecting with your customers is a breeze with NBF. Bulk add client email addresses for extending instant invitations. Note your customer accounts come FREE and NBF benefits for them are only a click away.

You know when your customers connect with you and from here on you and your valued customers can take advantage of easy NBF tools for billing, payment and much more.

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Bill-ed Confidence

We understand how you feel in between sending your customer invoices and not receiving your expected payments. This can be very distressful situation, meaning unpredictable cash-flow and substantial money loss.

Now you can change ALL of this. Send paperless invoices, know when your customers file their bills, transparently look when and how they plan to pay/ not pay. Now you can securely communicate to resolve issues or reward customers.

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