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Simple yet powerful solution

Struggling to cope with your bills? Struggle no more and say hello to a revolutionary new bill management system – NBF (New Best Friend). At NBF, we help you conquer your bills.

NBF takes care of every aspect of your bills- filing, payment, management and organized storage, freeing you from nagging bill concerns. We also add value by optimizing your payment management, enhancing efficiencies and helping you save money on bills.



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Ease of filing bills and receipts

Get rid of bulky files that take up precious space. Easily file your bills and receipts in the NBF bill management software via your web login.

Alternatively, file your bills and receipts on the move with our FREE bill management app – Expense Genie. No more moving around with paper receipts in your wallet or poring over files to locate a particular bill. NBF makes it easy for you.



Maximum control over your money

Setting up direct debit is a bad idea because it gives billers control over your money. Instead, use NBF One Direct Debit – your single payment platform for all bills. 

Preset your payment preferences for the NBF bill management software to carry out. Edit your preferences and even stop payment if you so desire. Manage multiple bank accounts and credit cards from the NBF platform.

It is your hard-earned money, and we believe you must have maximum control over it.

Make smarter spending more

The NBF bill management software analyzes your bills and produces comprehensive reports. Look forward to monthly reports that help you understand your spending patterns. Armed with this information, make smarter usage decisions and save on bills.

Knowing beforehand, which expense group/category is going over the limits, helps you approach those services more cautiously, leading to bill savings.

Security guaranteed .. always

Your sensitive data is perfectly safe with us. NBF offers bank level encryption links. Your details and bills are behind firewalled servers with extremely limited access. Credit card numbers are stored with secure third party site SecurePay. All your data is backed up in duplicate to reduce risk of loss.

Your security is our priority and will always remain so.




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