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Single direct debit solution - Complete control for your money

Setting up multiple direct debit with billers may seems like a plan with ease, but once set, you cannot cancel direct debit, only the biller can. What happens if you switch banks or accounts or your credit card expires? Update every one...correct?

NBF One Direct Debit is a single debit platform to pay multiple billers with cancel anytime facility. NBF will action your preset payment instructions and you can modify the instructions or even cancel payment.

Now that’s your money under your control .... not under the biller’s control.

Manage multiple accounts with ease

We understand your need to spread your payments across bank accounts and credit cards. With NBF premium membership, you can manage up to 5 bank accounts and 5 credit cards with ease from a single platform.

Experience greater flexibility in your payment management.

Top level data security …. Guaranteed

Your bank-level encrypted links with firewalls protect your bank account details. We never ask for bank passwords from you. We have no access to your bank. No bill payments are processed from any account unless approved by you. Nickname your accounts for added security.

We use Westpac & SecurePay to store your credit card details, assuring total confidentiality. At NBF, we are committed to keep your sensitive data, secure. You can trust us.

Manage payments as per convenience

Break free from rigid stressful payment rules with NBF. For instance, you can set 2 funding sources for bills. We automatically move to option 2 if source 1 short-funded. So you need not stress in such situations.

NBF offers high flexibility in payment management. Take advantage. Customize your payment rules for billers and bills. Set up full payment , part payment or set approval limits. NBF carries out your instructions and updates with email notifications.

Make informed decisions

Our easy-to-use interface enables you to customize not only payments but their reporting too. View your source wise payment list and see expense patterns to make smarter payment management decisions, leading to better manage finances at home and in business.

Simply edit and modify payment rules anytime you want and they are updated in real time. No delays with NBF.



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