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Upload unlimited bill/ receipts DIY 20/mth
Conveniently receive ALL your paper & email bills in one place (more)
Paper receipts processing by NBF (more)
Multiple filing groups (Pers/Bus/Invst/Trust) 1 2 4
Unlimited categories per group - water, gas
Cost per Transaction Send checks payments to billers: $1.99
Electronic bill pay with total cash control: $0.99
Credit card payments: Merchant fees
All prices exclude GST.
Save over 10% with 'Better deal' research
Expense planning tools
Accounting & BAS tools
Support / Alerts – email & phone email
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$9.95 per month

Small Business

$19.95 per month
Are there any hidden charges?

None. You only pay a plan fee and any pay-per-transaction charges. Also please refer to Fair use policy.

I want to receive my paper bills when using your service?

Most definitely. You can easily save your  paper bills using app/ web. Most of our users redirect bills to NBF bill center. It is also most flexible, secure and time saving option. This benefit is included in your memberships except basic plan.

Can I cancel, upgrade/ downgrade starting with any plan?

Yes, all options are open to you at all times. On account cancellation, you shall receive an email to help download your stored bills/ data. No contracts, sign up today!

What happens to paper bills you receive from my billers?

Paper bills are scanned and securely presented to you. Printed copies are archived  for 14 days and then securely shredded/ recycled. You may suggest us to post your paper bills back to you at cost. NBF stored bill copies can easily be downloaded & printed anytime.


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