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Encryption levels comparable to your bank

We understand your concern in sharing your personal financial information with NBF. We strive to create a secure environment for your interactions with us. All your communication - bills and financial transactions - with the NBF bill management system is minimum 256-bit encrypted, which is the level of security most banks offer. You trust your bank, don’t you? You can trust us, too.

Email, mobile and bank verification for fraud prevention

The NBF bill management system is an easy way to manage your bills and payments, but we make sure that you are able to login to the system only via a unique password. Choose a good password (variable-salt-encrypted on website) and guard it safely for complete peace of mind.

We invite you to undertake an effective (one-time) self-verification of financial accounts added to NBF system, and payments are made only from verified accounts.

We take security seriously around here.

Firewalled security for your bills and personal information

We collect minimal personal information from you, but what we do, is we guard it with utmost seriousness. The same holds true for your bills. Both of these data are stored behind firewalled servers with restricted access. To minimise the risk of information loss, NBF stores your data at two separate, mutually isolated locations.

What you entrust to us, we protect.

Secure third-party handling for sensitive information

You know that you enter your credit card numbers and/or bank account details into the NBF bill management systemBut did you know that we do not store this information on our website or servers? This sensitive information is transmitted directly to the trusted third party site SecurePay. We work with nicknames you allocate to your accounts and never ask for your banking passwords ever.

Solid anti-spam policy

We never share your personal details with third parties. Any emails you receive from us will be only with your permission or to update you on events. Do let us know if you receive spam via our NBF service, so that we can deal with it forthwith.


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