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Fair use Policy

About The Policy:
This Fair Usage Policy governs the services provided by the No Bills Forever Pty Ltd (the service)  through the website portals, and This policy is designed with the aim of:
  • Providing accurate and reliable delivery of bills management & payment services to each of our clients; and
  • Preventing the unfair use of and unacceptable behaviour at the service that may cause inconvenience to any of our clients.
At No Bills Forever (NBF), we strive to provide you with state-of-the-art solution for everyday living at minimum prices.
When does the NBF Fair Usage Policy apply?
The service is intended for individuals in standard Households and for Businesses using the service for their own bill management and/or savings. Occasionally, our services are tailored for Enterprise use and terms are agreed there in, if not, the NBF Fair Use Policy applies.
Volume Bills: Excessive Bills Storage or Unreasonable Use
To provide convenient billing services, we allocate up to 1 GB data storage space for every account on the NBF server. Once your storage crosses the 1 GB limit, your account will be charged $3.50 per month per additional GB of data or part thereof. However, this charge will automatically cease once you off-load data to less than the 1 GB limit.
If you upload high volume of bills, you agree to off-load some of your data to your personal storage and delete from NBF. Excess loading of our server may increase server response time, leading to delays for you and other customers.
What does "excessive use" of No Bills Forever services mean?
If your use of the services goes beyond the expectations of a reasonable NBF client, then you will be deemed to be an excessive user of our services. Example: More than 10 and 20 paper bills redirection to NBF bill center for price inclusive processing under premium and small business plans respectively, any more than 20% of total bills paid by cheque.
If usage continues at an excessive level, we may recommend that you upgrade your plan. We may also charge you additional fees for excessive usage at our discretion.
What does "Unreasonable Use" of No Bills Forever services mean?
If your use of the NBF services places an unreasonable load on the server, we will ask you to correct it. However, if usage continues to be unreasonable even after this request, we may refuse you access to the service, cancel the service or take any other necessary actions which will limit or prevent your use of some element of the service.
Unreasonable use includes (but is not limited to):
  • Frequent receiving of communications other than your bills into our system
  • Frequent sending of documents which are very poor quality or very difficult to read
  • Frequent faxing documents without affixing membership barcode labels as provided
  • Repeatedly sending duplicate documents
  • Showing a pattern of having insufficient funds available for payment of bills
  • Disclosing your login details to another person
  • Any activity which puts at risk the integrity of the service for other clients
Each communication other than bills (from your biller) handled by NBF is charged at rate of $1.50 per image scanned and is loaded to your account or $3.50 for each mail sent out by surface mail. We may also charge you additional fees for unreasonable usage of other items at our discretion.
SMS Alerts and Reminders: Multiple SMS Notification Request
For bill processing, we encourage the use of email notifications, which are sent to you free of charge. We also allow up to 2 free SMS messages sent out per bill. More than 2 SMS notification requests would be considered excessive. Excessive SMS are charged $0.25 per SMS.
Debit Transaction Bounce Back & Excess Cheque Issuance Charges
We will charge a 'Dishonour Fee' of $2.50 for each 'bounce back' transaction, which are either for bill payments or service charges, we undertake to do on your behalf that is dishonoured. Each bill paid by cheque payment in excess to 20% of total bills paid would attract additional charge of $3.50.
Please contact us at or call us at 1300 WOW NBF (1300 969623) if you have any questions regarding our services or have any special requests or needs.
The NBF Fair Use Policy is in place to protect each of our clients without overtaxing others and system performance. We are proud that our clients cooperate with our Fair Use Policy, and we are thankful that you have chosen and continue to benefit from the NBF services.
We may amend this Policy at any time by posting a revised version on the NBF website. If we make material changes to any of our fair usage policies or practices, we will update this statement and post a notice on our website portals 30 days before they take effect.
This policy was last updated on 15th Oct 2013.


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