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First off, I love your service. It's easy, convenient, and a huge time-saver. At the end of each month, I use to go through all my expenses and balance my checkbook. It usually took me 2-4 hours, sometimes five hours if we had special orders that month. Now with NBF managing my accounts is so much easier. No matter where I'm at, I have access to my account. Having the Expense Genie keeps me on track with everything I spend. Now that I use NBF, life and business is much simpler for me. THANKS so much for this service.
Posted by : Chuck R. , Youngstown, U.S.
I work full-time and keep a busy schedule. Managing my debt while keeping my bills under control is a real struggle. In fact, it often kept me up at night. Having all my bills in one place and managed by NBF for me really puts me at ease. If I ever get concerned, I get on Smartphone app to view all my bills information. This service keeps me informed and helps me stay on top on my finances. I am proud to say that I can finally find ways to save for the future. Everyone should be using this service- it's incredibly smart.
Posted by : Kenneth G. , Australia
My mother is aging and can't manage a lot of her expenses anymore. She lives on a fixed income and needs to find ways to cut back. I joined NoBillsForever and helped her set up an account with all her bills. This way, she doesn't have to worry about bills getting paid on time and it has bank-level security, so I know my mom's info is safe. It's now easier for her to manage expenses, and I am so grateful to NBF for reducing my family's stress. That is truly priceless!
Posted by : Sydney T. , Melbourne, AUS
NoBillsForever has saved my household money! I originally began using this service to better manage our bills and handle expenses. We knew we were overspending each month somewhere, but couldn't identify on what. With this service, I am able to view my expenses and track changes over time. I was able to see places we could cut back- such as pricey cable plans and personal spending- and take action. Now, our monthly bills are down about 80$ a month, and that really adds up! I also don't have to remember to mail out or pay bills online anymore, so more things get paid on time which is great for my credit. Thank you for creating this wonderful service!
Posted by : Martha Dixie , Pensacola, USA
As an entrepreneur, NoBillsForever really adds a lot of convenience to my life. I tried to manage my bills and budget by hand in the past, but I never realized how much time I was wasting. With NBF, I just file my bills once and only need to revisit the set-up when something changes. After that, it manages my bills for me. The QuickBooks export feature is really nice as well, as I use this software to manage my expenses. With NBF, I don’t have to second guess the numbers I input or double check for errors- it gets everything right every time. Bank level encryption gives me peace of mind regarding security, and I have grown to really trust this service with my expenses. I am a user for life. You simply need NBF if you have bills.
Posted by : David Frentix , Coral Gables, USA
I've only been a premium member on No Bills Forever for about four months, but it has definitely saved me time and money in that short period of time. I've been self-employed for the past five years and it has had its ups and downs, but I wouldn't trade in my financial independence for anything in the world. I love what I do and so do my customers. The only thing I hate about being a small business owner is the massive paperwork. Since I don't have an accountant, bill management is done by either me or my wife. After years of frustration, she decided to look for an alternative and that's how we found NBF. We absolutely love it! It helps us stay organized and on top of how much we're spending. Last month we noticed an increase in our supplies budget, and we were able to adjust it this month in order to save money. Not having to manually go through piles and piles of receipts is such a relief. NBF is definitely our New Best Friend. Thank you for offering a simple solution.
Posted by : Jack T , Albury, Australia
Thank you NBF for simplifying my bills storage problem.
Posted by : Sandy Sam , Brisbane, Australia
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